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How it works

How it works

Anderson Optimization is working to transition the energy system to a clean, sustainable future. We help landowners add renewable energy to their property by matching them with renewable developers. There is no cost to you as the landowner, and if a site gets built, you get paid!

Understand Your Land's Value

We help you understand the value of your land and how suitable it is for renewable development.

Developer Selection

If your land is suitable, we will help you select a developer from a pre-vetted list that can build a renewable energy site on your property.

Land Lease

Your chosen developer will offer to lease a portion of your land where the site will be built. If you accept, they will build the site taking on all of the costs. When it's finished, you will receive a steady cash flow.

Free Advice

We will help you through the entire process. We only get paid by developers if a project gets completed. You will never pay us a dime.


Solar energy is growing at an exponential rate. Now is a great time to explore your opportunities.


Americans work in solar


Solar Installed Capacity % in 2016


Reduction in Cost % since 2010


Annual Growth Rate % since 2006


Anderson Optimization will help you every step of the way!

Generate Cash Flow

You will generate a steady stream of cash flow per the lease with your development partner once a site is built on your property.

No Cost to You

If you decide to move forward with a development, there is NO cost to you. Your development partner takes on all financial burden.

No Obligation

Until you have signed a lease, you can opt out at any time. This is a zero obligation process.

Land Analysis

We will help analyze your land to determine if it's ripe for renewable energy.

Developer Selection

We will provide you multiple, vetted companies to choose from when selecting your development partner.


Your development partner will draft a lease that pays you to have renewable energy built on your land.

Start Making Money

Once again, the entire process is completely free with no obligations. Even if you're just interested in learning more about renewable energy, we'd love to talk with you.


We are Anderson Optimization!

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